Handpoured Soy Candles

This blog post holds a special place in my heart for my loving grandparents. They both suffered from Heart and Stroke issues, and I am so very thankful they both survived and I still have them here to this day (and many many more!).

My grandfather, whom I called 'Dad' until I was about 16 years old, suffered from a stroke in May of 1999. My mom, aunt, grandma and I were out of the house this day celebrating Mother's Day and this was before everyone conveniently had cell phones with them. We had no idea what had happened to my grandfather while we were out, but luckily my aunts boyfriend at the time drove over to our house to see my aunt and he found my grandfather on the ground. I don't think I have ever heard my grandma cry and scream louder than that day. I remember it so vividly like it was just a short time ago. Thankfully, my grandfather made great recovery with only having slight mobility issues with his left side and occasionally uses a cane to walk around. He's a trouper! 

A couple years later, he retired and they moved back home to the Caribbean where the rest of my family lives. Who would turn down 30+ degree sunny weather everyday and amazing sandy beaches?! My grandfather has not left the island since they moved there, but my grandma would come back every year for a couple months at a time.

In August of 2009, my grandma required to have open heart surgery while she was visiting us here in Toronto. Since the surgery, she has not come back to visit us here. They are both very happy living back home  with the rest of the family close by with them.

I can't be thankful enough to still have both my amazing loving grandparents in my life. 

As I am starting another venture with two of my friends (more on that later), I thought it would be a nice idea to merge it into my business and connect it to a charity that is near and dear to me, the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The proceeds from the candles sold will go directly to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation in honour of my grandparents and all those who have been affected. It may not be much, but every little bit does help. 

These candles are all handpoured by me with lots and lots of love. For more information on the Heart and Stroke Foundation, please click here.

These soy candles are available for purchased on our website by  clicking here.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Lauren and Family

Behind The Scenes: Ashley & Nick

I can't begin to tell you how much fun Ashley and Nick's wedding was this past August. It was full of so many fun, unique and personal details to the couple, and they had an amazing group of guests attending. 

The morning of the wedding day was full of on and off again rain, even into the ceremony. But everyone embraced the rain. It was almost as if the rain gods knew their wedding schedule! The rain stopped briefly once the ceremony started and into cocktails on the lawn, and once guests made it under the tent for the reception, the rain started again! And again stopped once more when the reception dinner was about to end, which was just in time for guests to enjoy speeches and dances out on the lawn again :) 

Can't wait to share with you the professional photos that Jason Gordon took of their special day!

Behind The Scenes: Lauren & Vince

Today, I'd love to share some behind the scenes photos from Lauren and Vince's wedding on August 6th. They held the ceremony and reception on Lauren's beautiful family property in Lynden, ON. We really could not have asked for better weather. The sun was out all day, with a little rain the night before. 

It was such a busy day, I didn't get any shots of the stunning couple! The whole bridal party was looking on point. Can't wait to share the beautiful photos that Karen Benwall Photography took. But for now, these iPhone shots give you a good idea of how awesome the wedding was. 

Behind The Scenes: Amanda & Andrew

Welcome to the first post of our new blog series Behind The Scenes! 

During our couples wedding day, my assistants and I are running around managing all the little and big details to ensure that your wedding days runs as smooth as possible. We usually take some quick snaps along the way but most of them don't get seen unless we post it on Instagram.

We have some awesome weddings coming up this year and I thought why not share some of these photos that we take during the busy day.

Our first Behind The Scenes post is about this lovely couple, Amanda and Andrew. They were married July 9th at the beautiful Holcim Waterfront Estate in Mississauga. Professional photos from Chance Faulkner Photography will be posted in the gallery when received :)

Wedding Planning Life Saver

The key to successful wedding planning is organization. There are so many moving parts to plan a wedding that organization is the only way to ensure that you are not missing any important details to your very special day. Some times you're just not sure where to start, or not sure how to create a budget that you can stick to. Taking some time to come up with a plan and keeping it all together will help make things easier for you.

Aisle Planner is a program I use with my full and partial planning clients and they have all been so grateful to have access to it. It can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, so whether you are at home or work, you can log into your account and view everything about your wedding.

All the details are organized into sections. You have your monthly checklist, guest list, vendor list, notebook, seating list, design gallery, budget, timeline and a calendar for reminders. The awesome part is, as a wedding planner, I have access to my clients accounts as well so I can always be kept up to date with their progress. This really helps to keep everyone in the loop and organized.

Interested in Aisle Planner for yourself? Click here and try your first month free!