15 Questions to Ask When Picking Your Venue

Picking a venue. One of the toughest decisions you will have to make when planning your wedding. The choice of venue really sets the mood and feel of your big day. So you want to make sure it fits the theme you are going for.

When picking a place to host your wedding, here are some questions you may want to make sure to ask:

  1. How many events/weddings will be booked on our wedding day? If you are sharing the venue with other events, this may cause issues such as parking spaces, noise issues, and sharing washrooms or a common room with the other event.
  2. Who will be our point person on the day of our wedding? The person you book the wedding with may not be the person you are dealing with on the day of the wedding. Make sure to meet with the person that will be present on the day.
  3. Are there areas for storage and can we leave items there over night? If you are providing a lot of the decor yourself, this may be very important so you do not have to transport things around the same day.
  4. When can my vendors arrive to set up? Make sure your hired vendors know what time they can arrive to start setting up. If you have a lot or complicated decor, make sure your vendors have enough time to complete the set up.
  5. What rules do you have about decorating? Many venues do not allow you to adhere anything to the wall or take things off the walls (such as framed photos or mirrors).
  6. Are lit candles okay? Many places allow candles to be lit as long as they are in a vase where the flame is under the height of the vase. If candles are not allowed, you will have to opt for electric candles.
  7. Do I require any permits or licenses? Depending on the venue, you may need to purchase permits or licenses to have you event held there. This would be an extra cost to your budget.
  8. Is there handicap accessibility? This is very important if you have friends or family that would require accessibility.
  9. Is there a venue coordinator? Venue coordinators ensure that everything on the venue side is running smoothly and the rules are being held upon. They will not provide wedding coordination like a wedding planner would.
  10. Is there A/V equipment? If your venue does not provide sound or video equipment, you will have to source and setup that yourself.
  11. Are there noise restrictions? Some venues have agreements with the city/neighbours that loud noises will be cut of at a certain time. If you are planning on having a huge dance party until 2 am, but the venue needs music to be cut at 11pm, that venue isn't the best choice.
  12. What’s your back up plan for outdoor spaces? You always need to have a backup plan when having an outdoor event. Whether it is a tent or indoor room, this may be an extra charge you need to consider.
  13. What exactly is included in the packages? Some venues include the cost of tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware, silverware, etc... If the venue does not supply these items, you will need to source them.
  14. Can I hire my own vendors or must I choose from your preferred vendor list? Some venues will only allow you to choose from there preferred vendor list. This may change your mind about using that venue if you have other vendors in mind.
  15. Is there a cake cutting or corkage fee? These extra cost can quickly add up.