7 Tips To A Stress-Free Wedding Day

Planning your own wedding is stressful enough, but on the day itself, you shouldn't be focusing on anything else other than celebrating your love for your partner with family and friends. Here are some helpful tips to take into consideration so you can enjoy the most of your big day.

  • Hire a wedding coordinator: This is a little biased as I am a wedding planner, but it is the truth. Many couples realize that after the wedding, they wished they had hired someone (other than a family member or friend) to manage the days details. Having a designated person to deal with the hiccups on the day will save you from having to deal with it. Your wedding day will fly by quickly so you should be fully present with your loved ones, not worrying about the days schedule.
  • Take some days off from work: Having a day or two off before the wedding day will help you to finish up the last few details you need to complete before the day and be able to relax a bit. The week of the wedding can be the busiest so use that extra time to do last minute errands and schedule a time to get a massage.
  • Be organized: The days leading up to the wedding, make sure you are preparing as much as you can so on the day you are not running around. Have your dress, accessories and other items ready to go in one spot where you will be getting ready. Have items packed in plastic containers ready to go to the venues for setup and give them to your coordinator before the wedding day. Do as much prep as you can before hand.
  • Have breakfast: Definitely do not forget to eat! You will be busy and so many things are happening while you are getting ready, taking photos and traveling. It will be a long day before you get to sit down and have a plated meal. Having a little meal will help keep you focused on the day and less about your grumbling stomach. Stay hydrated as well.
  • Plan for things to take longer than expected: Going from ceremony venue to photo shoot site may only take you 15 minutes, but one the day of the wedding you have your whole bridal party tagging along too. Be ready for things to take a bit longer and ensure you have accounted that in your wedding day itinerary.
  • Take a moment to yourselves: The wedding day is very busy and long and guest are going to want congratulate and talk to you all day and night. You just got married to your best friend! How awesome is that?! Share a quiet moment together as your first day as husband and wife.
  • Don't forget what a wedding is really about: Be flexible. Not everything on your wedding day will go as planned. As long as you accept that, there is no reason for you to stressed if something was to go wrong. At the end of the day, the main goal is to get married. Everything other than getting married is secondary. So if you were able to say your I Do's and marry your best friend, the day went exactly as it should!