Part One: What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?

I know there are many people who are unsure of what a wedding coordinator does. A few brides have contacted me saying, "I am not 100% what you provide, but this is what I need help with. Can you do that?". So I answer their questions and point them to my services page which list exactly what I provide to them. With every client I work with, I try to be as flexible and as helpful as I can be.

Wedding planning and wedding coordination are two different things. Here I am focusing on the coordination side of weddings. A wedding coordinator pretty much manages everything that is going on during the wedding day. Wedding coordinators can provide different services, but generally this is what you can expect:

  • Wedding timeline creation: Creating a detailed timeline of how the day will flow.
  • Communication to vendors: Ensuring they are aware of any changes, what is expected of them, answering any questions and confirming details.
  • Managing the vendors: On the day we oversee everything to ensure the other vendors are doing what they were hired to do.
  • Assisting where needed: Helping the vendors if required, help bustle the dress, fix hair and makeup, put out any fires, etc...
  • General decor: Setting up escort cards, favours, decor, programs, guestbook etc...
  • Directing: Just like a play, we direct all the main parts of the day. For the ceremony, we get the bridal party lined up and looking great and walking down the aisle in a timely pace. During the reception we cue the introductions and special dances and events.
  • Delivering final payments: If requested, we can distribute final payments to vendors on your behalf.

More or less, these are the services wedding coordinators provide to their clients. We are the one behind the curtain making sure all the moving parts are moving how they should and making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

I will be posting part two next week that will breakdown how my day went for one of my couples in 2014.