Part Two: What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?

In my first part, I talked about what is wedding coordinator does. Here, I have made a general breakdown of how my weekend went for Heather and Darren's summer wedding. It was my longest wedding day to date, but went by fairly smoothly. If you haven't read the first part of "What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?", you can find it here

Friday - Rehearsal:
9:00am - Went to work for half the day.
12:00pm - Left work, had lunch on the way and made my way to the reception venue.
2:00pm - Brief meeting with technicians at reception venue.
2:30pm - Arrival at ceremony venue for rehearsal with officiant and pack mine and my assistants car with decor and items needed for tomorrows setup.

Saturday - Wedding Day:
8:30am - Left house to start the days tasks.
9:00am - Picked up donuts and cake from baker (Etobicoke).
9:30am - Left bakery to head to rental company.
10:15am - Arrived at rental companyto pick up aisle runner (Scarborough).
10:35am - Left rental company to head to reception venue.
11:15am - Arrived at The Boiler House Loft and started to unpack all decor items (Downtown Toronto).
12:00pm - Assistant went to floral shop to pick up bouquets. I went to Brides house to pick up more florals.
12:30pm - Arrived back at reception venue to being setting up receptions decor.
2:30pm - Began setting up ceremony venue.
3:15pm - Back at reception venue to continue set ups.
4:00pm - Changed from casual "setting up" clothes into "wedding" clothes.
4:25pm - Guest started to arrive for ceremony. We made our way over.
5:00pm - Ceremony started.
5:30pm - Ceremony ended. Cocktails on patio started. Went back to finish last of reception setting up.
7:00pm - Guest began making way upstairs for reception.
7pm - 12am - Coordinated the evenings events.
12:30am - Began light tear down.
2:00am - All guest departed. I continued to take decor down and pack away into my car.
3:40am - Finally got everything into my car with the help of the bartender (She was amazing all night!).

Sunday - Post Wedding Day:
10:45am - Returned aisle runner to rental company
2:00pm - Newly weds came to pick up the decor I took down that night.

... and that's a wrap!

The wedding day alone was 19 hours of work - my longest wedding day ever! In total, it was probably over 32 hours of work from meetings, communicating with vendors, prep work, the rehearsal day and the wedding day. It was a long day, but it went by extremely fast! When you are in the hustle and bustle of things, you almost don't even notice how fast time really goes by.

That's why I truly believe every couple should invest in having at least a month-of coordinator (help to tie the last details and manage the day). The couple should be 100% focused and present on the day, not on the little details.