What Is In Our Emergency Kit?

One thing our couples are happy that we take care of for them is providing them with access to our fully stocked emergency kit. It's a case that carries all of those little items that you might need throughout the day. Did a button fall off and you need to sewing kit? Forgot the cake cutter? Does the DJ need batteries for the mic? Need a few more votive candles on the cake table? We have almost everything that you might need on your wedding day.

Here is a list of a few of those items we have ready and have used in the past: BBQ Lighter • Advil • Hair Spray • Visine • Clothing Tape • Body Spray • Gravol • Bobby Pins • Needle and Thread • Breath Mints • Bottled Water • Extension Cord • Golf Umbrellas • Ribbon • Floral Tape • Scissors • Corsage Pins • Safety Pins • Batteries • Nail Polish Remover • Permanent Markers • Votive Candles • Double Sided Table • Baby Powder • Shoe Insoles • Goo Gone • Lint Roller • Tide To Go • and much more...

We come prepared so that any surprise on the day can be quickly addressed.